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Antique Seth Thomas "Chime Clock No. 266" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 266

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, Sonora 8 Bell, "Chime Clock No. 266", offered by Seth Thomas from 1909 through 1923. 18 inch mahogany highest grade cabinet case, made of the highest grade material, has shaded marqueterie designs. The woodhas been rubbed out to give a suitable look for home or business. Convex beveled glass, brass sash, silvered dial. 8 day movement No. 89, Sonora Chime movement No. 104, plays Whittington and Westminster chimes on quarter hours on the 8 deep toned bells. The movements are clean and in good running order. Collectors have acquired the 8 bell clocks as fast as they become available. Rarely are they offered for sale to the general public. If you are unfamiliar with the Sonora Chime Clocks you should read Tom Chapell's article in Ly-Seth Thomas, page 206. This particular model clock is pictured and described in the Sonora section.