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Antique Seth Thomas "Chime Clock No. 257" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 257

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock No. 257, ca 1915. Whittington and Westminster quarter hour chime on 8 bells. If you have never owned a bellchiming clock you have missed a treat. Seth Thomas liked to say that thepatented Sonora resonated bells gave off pure tones and rich melodies. The Westminster plays on 4 bells and the Whittington plays on 8 bells. Even in1915 these clocks sold as high as $125 which would have been a months payfor the average worker. Today we have seen some models sell for $5000 or more. We have had a half dozen or so and this one is as clean as any, particularlythe silver dial which is usually worn. This one is very nice. Case is 11"high, 18" wide, made of mahogany, very nice and clean. Movements are clean, have been serviced, and are running very good. The Sonora movement is No. 104A and the running movement is No. 89. This is as close to perfect we haveseen a Sonora Chime Clock. You should read Tom Chapell's article in Ly-SethThomas, pages 206-218, to fully appreciate these rare chiming clocks.