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Antique Seth Thomas "Camden" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Camden

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas parlor clock, one of the City Series, "Camden", C. 1887. This one is about as good as they get, with one little exception. It is so nice you would think it had been refinished, yet you look close and the old crazing is there. It had to have resided in a house where no one smoked and they didn't burn coal. Walnut case is 22.5" high, no problems anywhere, full black label, factory stamp on the back -1887, perfect original glass, brass Seth Thomas pendulum that is correct for the City Series clocks. 8 day, striking hours on a Cathedral gong, and running up a storm. The exception - there is a new paper dial on the old zinc pan. What a shame. Whoever buys this nice, almost mint clock, please have the dial painted. Ly-Seth Thomas, #176.