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Antique Seth Thomas "Cabinet No. 1" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Cabinet No. 1

Catalog Description:

C.1865, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Cabinet No. 1", 30-hour cottage timepiece with an H-Type movement. Condition: Rosewood veneered case in good condition, attractively re-finished. There is a small piece of veneer missing on the right side bottom edge and a small ding on the back edge. Dial paper has been replaced, however the dial pan is not lined up properly with the movement and it is difficult to wind.. Hands are original. Partial label on the back. Movement is signed. You can see a picture of this movement on page 224 of Tran Du Ly's: Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, 3<sup>rd</sup> edition, vol. 1. Height 9 inches [22.8 cm]