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Antique Seth Thomas "Buffalo" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Buffalo

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas "Buffalo", ca 1886. One of the company's large series of clocks named for cities. The early models, made in the l870's and 1880's, were generally made of walnut or rosewood and had very distinctive case designs. When "kitchen clocks" became poplar in the 1890's and later, Seth Thomas fell in lock step with other clock makers and lowered their standards on the city series line. Primarily made of oak and using cheaper pendulum bobs, bezels, etc. they made the clocks for the masses who could afford a $10 to $20 mantle clock. This walnut case has been cleaned, dial repainted, but it is all original with the fancy swirled Seth Thomas nickel pendulum, nickel gong base, and dial ring. Spindles on railing are brass and all intact. Most of a black label inside, hands are replacements. Movement is 8 day, hourstrike on the Cathedral Bell, has an alarm in place. The door glass is originalto this clock. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 169.