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Antique Seth Thomas "Box Clock" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Box Clock

Catalog Description:

C.1816, Seth Thomas, Plymouth, Conn., rare wooden works, Terry patent "Box Clock" in excellent condition. The only noted replacements on this clock are the painted numerals and spandrel decorations on the reverse of the original glass, and NONE of the 9 known examples of this model has the original paint intact on the tablet. The clock is otherwise original, right down to the finish on the case. Rack and snail strap wood movement is sound and the label is excellent; retains original weights with integral pulleys. This box form, with the dial painted on the reverse of the glass, is the earliest model of Connecticut wooden shelf clocks, and is the rarest as well. Note the engraved label states that the clock was patented by Eli Terry, but made and sold by Seth Thomas. Since Terry's patent was granted on June 12, 1816, this clock may date a few months earlier or later than June 12. Recall that Seth Thomas had worked closely with Terry since 1806. The sister to this clock is illustrated in Ken Roberts' book on Eli Terry, pages 46-47. This clock was in the collection of Chet Durfee until 1952, and owned by Haddon Kirk from 1952 until now. See Distin and Bishop, page 108. One of the finest examples known, and certain to attract special attention. Height 20"