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Antique Seth Thomas "Beijing City Series" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Beijing City Series

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas City Series Clock, Beijing Model, c. 1875 original reverse painted glass in the bottom shows a picture of some pheasants, and the case of this clock is in nice condition. It even has a nice label behind the gong on which it strikes. Plus, the large eight day striking Seth Thomas movement inside runs on the uncommon 24 hour system. The hands on this clock run at half speed, so one revolution of the hour hand signifies the passage of an entire day. It points vertically at midnight and noon, and horizontally at six o'clock. Also, the minute hand takes a full two hours to make one sweep, so it points horizontally on the half hour. Special gearing inside this clock allows for this interesting format. The dial is marked accordingly in Chinese characters, as well as numbered from 1 to 12 twice around in roman numerals.