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Antique Seth Thomas "Arcade" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Arcade

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas large hanging "Arcade" gallery clock, ca 1909. The 18 inch metal dial was changed to use as an advertising clock by "Linz Bros. Jewelers". The dial has not been repainted, just the advertising added at some later date. The clean oak case is 23.5 inch across in front. The back is an oblong box holding the No.86T movement. It is 30 day, with large double springs, Graham dead beat escapement, 120 beats, and half seconds. It has large heavy plates, resting on a heavy iron bracket from which the pendulum is also suspended. The rod is wood with a one pound brass bob. The movement is signed properly, in running order. The dial is just signed, "Made in U.S.A.", at the bottom where is should be, and the Seth Thomas name was painted over when the "Jewelers" was added. Ly-Seth Thomas #580.